Chinese electric-vehicle manufacturer Xpeng extends Stock Market Launch to acquire $1.5 billion amidst high demand

Xpeng Inc. is China’s number-one manufacturer of smart electric cars. The company designs, develop, produces, and markets electric-vehicles to serve the ever-growing Chinese middle-class consumers. Xpeng’s mission is to pioneer the Smart EV revolution using data-driven technology to shape future transportation’s versatility.  

On August 27, during a public-address statement, Xpeng announced that the company seeks to secure $1.5 billion by extending its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. Xpeng announced plans to stock 99.7 million American receptacle shares at $15 as the offering price per share. Initially, the company gave a price of between $11 and $13 for each depositary share; the price is increasing to $15 due to a stably growing demand for the company’s offer. Every depository share is equivalent to two of Xpeng’s ordinary stock shares.

Xpeng said that the guarantors for the company’s deal, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan, and Bank of America, plan to organize a 30-day recourse to purchase an additional 15million share. The electric-car maker intends to trade using the ticker XPEV. The American Depositary Shares (ADS) anticipate trading on NYSE within this month, depending on customary closing conditions.

Xpeng’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) signifies the latest Chinese company to rival Tesla but still acquire funds in the United States. In September 2018, an automobile company, NIO, made its first market appearance at a very low offering price but grew to greater than double because investors venture into the electric-car revolution. Another automaker, Li Auto, amassed $1.1 billion during its Stock Market Launch on July 30.

Recently, Tesla commissioned its Shanghai factory to intensify its presence within China and satisfy the country’s increasing engrossment for electric automobiles. Tesla started supplying Model 3 sedans to the Chinese market in December but began manufacturing its Model Y crossover in the newly opened factory. However, Chinese based electric-vehicle manufacturers continue to enjoy strong funding rallies to recover from 2019’s low trade. Nio is ranked in the led after securing nearly $1 billion in finance from government-owned corporations.

In conclusion, the potential for electric-automaker growth as there are indicators of progress in the adoption of Smart Evs in China and the world at large. A steadily growing market for electric-automaker initial public offering indicates investor’s engrossment towards the industry that continues to expand. This move is a huge step towards achieving a good mobility experience for future transportation.