Shanghai Electric Vehicle information policy for the wind power market in China

Recently, the first 8 MW offshore wind turbines from China comprising of ‘black start’ technology began operations recently. Simultaneously, Shanghai had the best chance with BloombergNEF to share its protocol with the understanding of China’s wind power market. The other thing was the entity’s advancement to convey quality wind power grids: more sustainable, low carbon emissions, dependable, and high robustness in the years to come. 

China’s onshore and offshore wind power grids markets is welcoming enormous turbine volumes and digital modification. Pengju Kang, Chief Digital Officer and Engineering General Manager at Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group (SWPG) confirmed that Shanghai Electric is developing a test as well as a verification platform for 10MW additional offshore wind turbines, an integrated system for the renewable energy. 

Speaking of the importance of this groundbreaking project during the interview, Pengju Kang said Shanghai Electric is banking on the rising momentum of the China’s offshore turbine industry, that is projected to see grid-connected wind power rise to 26 GW by 2025, to boost R&D and produce leading clean energy solutions.

Mr. Kang asserted that they are developing a test as well as a verification strategy of 10MW- extra offshore wind turbines and exploring 5G as well internet of things (IoT). They will help build an integrated grid for renewable energy, which will incorporate a network for renewable energy comprising solar power, wind power, and energy storage. 

There is likely a growing demand for floating structures in China’s far-reaching markets, accounting for over 80% of offshore wind resources. Kang asserted that his team is currently researching how to get through technical problems like reduced depths of waters to help in the functioning of floating wind turbines as well as marine environment of distant seas regions and storms. 

SEWPG is expanding on international footprints and customized portions of 2.5MW and 4MW product strategies for distant offshore wind markets. As we speak now, the entity is making models that will suit the 60HZ power system to distant seas to comply with regional requirements. 

As the international supply chains have all been incorporated into China’s wind power ecosystem, Shanghai has managed to build strategic coalitions with global entities. 

Shanghai Electric has registered the most significant revenue surge from the renewables in the past years. For instance, a 51 percent Y/Y growth from 2018 to the year 2019. In late June, the entity confirmed the strategy for an initial public offering of its wind power sector dubbed Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group.