Transition to green energy, through renewable and the vanadium redox battery

While the world strengthens its efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastation, we cannot neglect the urgent need to speed up the switch to renewable. While change begins as we know it, life during even after this, the pandemic has placed greater emphasis on the demand for the planet to be greener. A greener planet is achievable by the installation of efficient bulk energy battery storage.

COVID-19 epidemic has led to a full economic breakdown in several areas. With air traffic coming to a standstill, the motorways factories being closed, we have seen a substantial reduction in carbon emissions from various economic sectors. It gave us a highlight of what the future might look like if effective action works.

As per a report published in the climate and energy publication, by April 2020, daily global carbon dioxide emissions fell by approximately 17percent [1] compared to the mean rates of 2019, a direct consequence of the pandemic’s economic shutdown. As the earth recovers, we will use this crucial juncture to make substantial progress in achieving the transformation to green energy needed.

Although we understand the challenges faced by COVID-19, we could not afford to lose vision of renewable energy opportunities and energy storage technologies, such as Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) today. The VRFB is a responsible and sustainable energy storage battery powered by such a vanadium-electrolyte liquid solution that stores and releases a large amount of energy over extended periods. Besides, the VRFB is capable of discharging 100 percent without harm to the battery and provides a safe, continuous power supply to users.

Combined with the use of battery storage, the increasing implementation of renewable sources of energy is crucial elements to accelerate this transition. To further help this, with storage technologies, renewables can minimize carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2050.

In conclusion, at Largo Resources, as the planet concurrently battles the COVID-19 pandemic as well as accelerates the required shift to green energy usage, we recognize our role in helping this change and the clean technology options obtained via vanadium processing. Our high-grade VPURE+ products become necessary to produce the required electrolyte for VRFBs, which is the optimal solution for power storage at the grid level. Our products of vanadium products are extracted from the world’s highest-grade vanadium deposits via low impact operations, meaning the product contains very minimal pollutants.