BMW has a series of X1 models and a 5 series that intends to launch into the market beginning next year

BMW revealed that it would be selling out all the X1 compact electric SUV models together with 5 Series. This move by the German car-manufacturing company is in line with the firm’s strategy of deploying 25 electric vehicle models in the coming three years. 

However, BMW was adamant about specifying when the X1 or 5 Series electric models would be deployable for a test-drive. The BMW X1 and BMW 5 Series vehicles will be the first electric models for the BMW fanatics. The firm has announced that it will be releasing plug-in hybrids for its sedan and SUV, which also have the 48-volt mild-hybrid diesel or petrol technology. 

The BMW X1 and the BMW 5 Series models are the newest addition to BMW’s line of electric cars. At the beginning of this year, reiterated that there upcoming 7 series sedan would come with an electrical drive system. 

BMW announced that 12 of its new car models whose launch is in the next three years would be completely electric. This announcement implies that the cars will be either hybrids or plug-in hybrids. By the end of the coming decade, BMW’s plan has to produce over 7 million electric BMW Group vehicles. The auto industry giant hopes that of this production, 67% will have a complete electrical system. 

Currently, the firm is designing five electric vehicles that will feature in the automotive market before 2022. These models include the BMW iX3, the BMW iNEXT, the BMW i3, the BMW i4, and the Mini Cooper SE. One of the models, i3, is famous as a brand in the global EV industry. The other brands are entirely a new fish in the business. Some of the notable features for the Mini Cooper SE is the i3 motor with a mileage range of 110 miles courtesy of its 32.6 kWh battery. The car goes as a luxurious ride in the urban centers. 

The BMW iX3 is an electric version of the X3 and will mark the transition of this brand to an EV while undergoing assemblage in China. The brand will be gracing the Chinese market instead of the United States since the China market and government are supportive of the electric vehicle industry. So far, the brand is making a name for itself in the market. 

In conclusion, the BMW i4 is a four-door Gran Coupe capable of navigating for over 270 miles. The car has a 530 horsepower, and its manufacturing will start in 2021. The iNEXT is the other brand whose production will begin next year before entering the Chinese market.