Nautilus Solar Energy Partners with Pine Gate Renewables

Nautilus Solar Energy is a significant player in a circulated, generation, and collaborative lunar projects across North America. With its 14-years history, its team has formulated, acquired, and managed the investment of over $1.2 billion of investment into solar projects. The company announced the acquiring of two solar projects in Oregon and Rhode Island from Pine Gate Renewables, a major player in solar energy development in the United States, totaling to an estimated 17MW. Nautilus will drive each project to a conclusion as they are mid-way completed and will be mandated with the long-term site administration and upkeep services.

With its head office in Asheville, NC, Pine Gate Renewables has been in the energy sector’s front line. It has been focusing mainly on partnerships that would magnify its renewable energy mark in the nation. It aims to provide renewable energy to the local communities in the country via the development of projects, financing, building, and the conservation of the environment.

The 14MW Oregon portfolio encompasses five projects situated in four provinces in the Western region of Oregon and will mark the initial entry into Nautilus’s state. Qualified residential off-takers positioned inside Portland General Electric and the Pacific Power service will benefit from this project. Nautilus will provide energy to these areas at a cheaper cost, and it will further boost the attainment of Oregon’s general communal solar and renewable objectives. By 2021, one of the sites situated in Clackamas County will be operational as it has, by this time, acquired the first aptitude apportionment in the program.

A location in Rhode Island, with an output of 3MW, will create sufficient energy to power around 680 households in the national grid service territory. The project is projected to be functional by 2022. By acquiring the site, Nautilus has supplemented its obligation to provide green energy in Rhode Island and surge the institution’s solar production in the state to over 34MW.

Nautilus’s move came when the company had announced an expansion of a 13 MW range in Colorado on September 15th, 2020. The deal was done in conjunction with Pivot energy and significantly made this deal the firm’s initial partnership and its principal access in the state. With the new additions in Oregon and Colorado, Nautilus will be able to own and operate projects in a total of eleven states in the country.