Coronavirus juices request for electric vehicles from Ayro, changing plans for appearing in the public

In May, Round Rock-based Ayro Inc. conducted an execution on a reverse merger, having one electric car manufactured in Texas that will help in exploiting a pandemic-made market. 

AEV Technologies Inc., now The Central Texas public firm, currently conducts its businesses on the Nasdaq index under the ticker AYRO. Those who founded the firm were Christian Okonsky and Mark Adams back in 2017. 

Rod Keller,  Chief Executive Officer of AYRO, made a partnership with DropCar Inc. firm founded back in 2015 by Spencer Richardson. DropCar came up with a cloud-based platform and mobile apps that provide services to the lone car possessors and entities that operate fleets of cars.

As a result, the partnership made DropCar stop taking part in the business; at the same time, AYRO possessed the former cash of the firm and took over it’s listing in Nasdaq. DropCar has more money, although its business design was failing in terms of success. DropCar started to look for means to provide a notable growth chance to its stakeholders.

Palladium Capital Advisors LLC, situated in New York, acted as the financial advisor to the parties. 

Keller, Aylo C.E.O speculated an old and first public gathering and was able to come across the majority of investment banks. The reason behind public appearance came after an urge to steer the firm is growing. 

However, the outbreak of Coronavirus made the traditional road showcase of gathering institutional stakeholders 

Ayro is the latest firm in the just of new Central Texas public entities. Open Making, a software manufacturer firm went before the public by use of reverse merger with an empty check firm. In mid-June, HyliionInc., an electric power train power manufacturer situated in the periphery of Cedar Park, declared that it plans to go public through a reverse merger, an empty-check entity. BigCommerce is on the process of looking at its first public offering sometime later this year that can be of great use to the technology-based in Austin. The value of the offering is $1 billion.  

When Ayro relocated to a space of approximately 240 square feet at 900€, it doubled its real estate footmark. 

Ayro hires a total of 20 workforces, all of which reside in Central Texas. It still employs across all working functions since the mode of leading is firm.

In the previous year (2019), the entity was able to produce about $1 million in revenue. Auto does not seem to provide its 2020 income. The firm is not that profitable, although it is in the developing mode.