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NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover will be utilizing nuclear energy to run its operations

  A spacecraft is most reliable when its source of power is massive and technically fit. NASA thought of this and decided to develop the Perseverance Mars rover in a way that it can run on radioactive plutonium. The radioactive plutonium used in this case has a casing that encapsulates it preventing accidents in case […]

Myanmar may soon be the newest to join the list of space nations

Myanmar will soon be a space nation after deciding to join hands with other space countries to ensure that millions of people are safe from environmental disasters. To do saw, it aims to launch a satellite which will be the first one for them. It will be among the satellite constellation comprising of microsatellites from […]

NASA unveils inadequate water haze as 06E depression turns into a trough

NASA’s Aqua satellite gathered information about water haze on Tropical Depression 06E after passing over the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The spacecraft found out that the 06E Tropical Depression had turned into a trench. A trough is an extended region that has low pressure.  Aqua satellite soared over the remains of Tropical depression 06E on July […]

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover has been affixed to its Atlas V rocket in preparation for the upcoming launch

NASA’s Mars rover is being planted on the rocket in preparation for the mission. The Perseverance Mars rover was hoisted to its United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on the 7th of July. This event took place at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, all on course to facilitate the scheduled launch to Mars on […]

The legal battle over C-band auction intensifies

The jury presiding on the attempt by three orbiter firms to stop the FCC’s auction that would happen in December ruled contrary to the motion that would have stopped the sale. This verdict permits the auction to itinerary to grip but does not finalize the legal disagreement. The American court of Appeals for the District […]

First Interstellar Parallax Test carried out by NASA’s New Horizons

It is the very first time that a spaceship has managed to send images of the sky from the highest altitude above the earth. In the pictures, some stars seem to be in distinct positions than they appeared while on earth.  NASA’s New Horizons spaceship has soared for the longest miles of about 4 billion, […]

Space Development Agency’s (SDA) Battle for Independence

The recently formed space force will undergo a merging with space development agency if plans go well. According to Tournear the Space development agency first wants to showcase its range of hardware first before it can agree to join forces with the Space Force  Space development agency is on a tight roll of luck if […]