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Various domestic charging solutions for electric vehicle (EV) owners

The coronavirus outbreak has facilitated the global recognition of electric vehicles. The enhanced air quality due to low traffic has compelled people to believe in the transition to zero-emissions transportation by going electric. This statement comes after a comprehensive study by Venson Automotive Solutions into this transport system.  The study conducted an interview where almost […]

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover will be utilizing nuclear energy to run its operations

  A spacecraft is most reliable when its source of power is massive and technically fit. NASA thought of this and decided to develop the Perseverance Mars rover in a way that it can run on radioactive plutonium. The radioactive plutonium used in this case has a casing that encapsulates it preventing accidents in case […]

Transition to green energy, through renewable and the vanadium redox battery

While the world strengthens its efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastation, we cannot neglect the urgent need to speed up the switch to renewable. While change begins as we know it, life during even after this, the pandemic has placed greater emphasis on the demand for the planet to be greener. A greener […]

A Norwegian billionaire is realigning his two oil companies to focus on the renewable industry future

Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Rokke is recreating his business structure’s systems in a move to recuperate his oil firms and reinvest in renewable energy. The billionaire’s Aker ASA investment company intends to amalgamate his two mega oil sector suppliers Aker Solutions ASA and Kvaerner ASA, to form a new two renewable energy base. This presentation […]

BMW has a series of X1 models and a 5 series that intends to launch into the market beginning next year

BMW revealed that it would be selling out all the X1 compact electric SUV models together with 5 Series. This move by the German car-manufacturing company is in line with the firm’s strategy of deploying 25 electric vehicle models in the coming three years.  However, BMW was adamant about specifying when the X1 or 5 […]

Ecology Action Center says that there is a need for incentives to drive more electric vehicle sales

It’s time the Government of Nova Scotia took center stage in placing more autonomous vehicles on the road. The perspective of the Ecology Action Center‘s Kelsey Lane, supported by a 27-page Dunsky Energy Consulting report published for EAC. Lane, who works with an environmental charity organization as a coordinator for sustainable transportation, said that the […]

Myanmar may soon be the newest to join the list of space nations

Myanmar will soon be a space nation after deciding to join hands with other space countries to ensure that millions of people are safe from environmental disasters. To do saw, it aims to launch a satellite which will be the first one for them. It will be among the satellite constellation comprising of microsatellites from […]

The truth about the cost of electric vehicles

Various questions on electric cars revolve primarily on their prices and operation cost. Moderately speaking, EVs are more expensive at a first-hand price but are cheaper when other variables like maintenance factor in the equation. Therefore, the higher the rate, the cheaper the costs of operating it. The upfront price of an electric car is […]

Modifiable smart windows produce power and enhance energy effectiveness

Windows play numerous functions in our households. The light, cloister as well as circulate air in our spaces while offering views of— as well as security from— the alfresco. Technology-based smart windows or rather windows that make use of cell techs to transform light from the sun into electricity, bring out the extra chances to […]

NASA unveils inadequate water haze as 06E depression turns into a trough

NASA’s Aqua satellite gathered information about water haze on Tropical Depression 06E after passing over the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The spacecraft found out that the 06E Tropical Depression had turned into a trench. A trough is an extended region that has low pressure.  Aqua satellite soared over the remains of Tropical depression 06E on July […]