Spectacular video shows Jet Airways intercept

A Jet Airways Boeing 777-300 was intercepted by 2 German Eurofighter Typhoons after a loss of communication with ATC on February 16.

The aircraft (VT-JEX) was performing flight 9W-118 from Mumbai to London Heathrow when the incident occurred during hand off from Bratislava (Slovakia) to Prague (Czech Republic) Center, when radio contact was lost with ATC. It is suspected that incorrectly entered frequency digits had resulted in the loss of communication, which was restored soon after via emergency frequencies. By the time communication had been restored, the German Luftwaffe had already scrambled 2 Typhoons, and the intercept was continued as a safety measure.

The intercept was filmed by the crew of an aircraft that was flying directly behind and above the Jet Airways aircraft.

Video: Mark Stewart

Gerard Griessel

Technical Writer at AerospaceJournal.com

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