Lockheed rolls out first LM-100J

Lockheed Martin today rolled out the first commercial version of the C-130J, the LM-100J in a ceremony held at the Lockheed Aeronautics facility in Marietta, Georgia.

The aircraft is the first of the next generation of L-100 freighters that were produced by Lockheed from 1964 to 1992, with more than 100 air-frames built. The LM-100J is aimed at commercial operators and government agencies using the aircraft for cargo transport, humanitarian relief operations and in some cases, fire fighting.

“Today’s rollout not only marks another accomplishment for Super Hercules, but it also reflects the aircraft’s capability to evolve to meet customer requirements. The LM-100J program has exceeded all expectations in moving from an idea to a reality,” said George Shultz, vice president and general manager, Air Mobility & Maritime Missions at Lockheed Martin.

The first LM-100J is set to take part in a flight test campaign in the run-up to it’s FAA type certification.

Operators such as Safair, Lynden Air Cargo and Transafrik have used the older generation L-100s successfully over a long period of time, with Safair being the largest operator of the L-100 in the World. Safair have used the aircraft to great effect, being involved in cargo and humanitarian missions around the world, as well as operations to Antarctica.

Safair L-100. Photo: Marsel Roothman/SaFair

Gerard Griessel

Technical Writer at AerospaceJournal.com

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