Lockheed Martin and DOD finalize next F-35 lot

Lockheed Martin and the United States Department of Defence have reached an agreement on the next lot (LRIP 10) of F-35 fighters, which includes a significant reduction in cost.

The 90 aircraft deal includes 55 airframes for the U.S services, and 35 for foreign military partners. According to a press release issued by the F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO), the LOT 10 deal offers a $728M reduction in price compared to the LOT9 purchase. This savings figure is $128 million more than president Donald Trump announced early this week.

According to the JPO, the per unit costs are $94.6 million for the F-35A (7.3% reduction from Lot 9), $122.8 million for the F-35B (6.7% reduction from Lot 9), and $121.8 million for the F-35C (7.9% reduction from Lot 9).

The LOT 10 Breakdown is as follows:


44 F-35A for the U.S. Air Force

9 F-35B for the U.S. Marine Corps

2 F-35C for the U.S. Navy

3 F-35B for UK

6 F-35A for Norway

8 F-35A for Australia

2 F-35A for Turkey

4 F-35A for Japan

6 F-35A for Israel

6 F-35A for South Korea

Gerard Griessel

Technical Writer at AerospaceJournal.com

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