Iran Aseman ATR72 crashes in Iran

An Iran Aseman ATR 72 (EP-ATS) has crashed near the Dena Mountain, south of Isfahan en-route from Tehran Mehrabad to Yasuj, Iran – the second fatal airline accident this early in 2018.

According to reports, the ATR 72, a 24 year old air frame, was flying on flight 3704 when it disappeared from radar. The aircraft was carrying 59 passengers, 2 flight crew, 2 cabin crew and two security staff.

The last communication from the aircraft was at at 09:22 local time, when the flight requested permission to descend from to FL170 from FL210, which was approved by Tehran ATC.

Weather conditions at the crash site was bad with snow and strong winds, which could possibly have contributed to the crash.

This accident is the second serious accident of 2018, with a Saratov Antonov AN-148 having crashed after takeoff in Moscow on February 11 in similar conditions, killing all 71 on board. It is as yet unclear if icing had any bearing on either of the accidents.

2017 was the safest year in commercial aviation history, however 2018 seems to have gotten to a very bad start.

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