American Eagle CRJ-700 suffers deer-strike at Charlotte

Photos: WSOCTV

A PSA Airlines Bombardier CRJ-700 on behalf of American Airlines suffered a deer strike at Charlotte, North Carolina on 15 February.

During the take-off roll from Charlotte’s runway 36C at around 11 AM local time, the crew heard a loud bang, which they reported to the tower during the initial climb. After a runway inspection a dead deer was found on the runway and the crew were advised.

The climb was stopped at 4000 feet and the aircraft repositioned for a low approach in order for the tower to inspect the undercarriage. The tower reported that the gear seemed in place, but that a vapour was observed coming off the right-hand side of the aircraft. After the confirmation from the tower, the aircraft climbed back to 4000 feet and repositioned for a full stop landing. The aircraft landed safely, and after taking high speed turn-off Romeo, the aircraft was shut down on the taxiway and passengers evacuated via the airstairs.

The aircraft was carrying 44 people.

Fuel vapour seen coming off the aircraft’s starboard wing. Photo: WSOCTV

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